Cooking with a Camera: Fish Tacos with White Sauce, Mango Salsa and Black Beans

Last night I decided to try homemade fish tacos. I made everything fresh except for the tortillas and beans. Those I bought pre-made. If, like Robert Rodriguez, you think that tortillas should never be store bought and you want to make your own, check out his recipe here. Mango Salsa Ingredients: 1 mango, 1/4 of […]

The Chicken Experiment: How Much Money Could One Chicken Save You?

My first frugality experiment was to see how far I could stretch one large, whole chicken from the grocery store. If you want to skip all of the minute details of the experiment, and just see my total savings breakdown, you can scroll right to the bottom. I have highlighted the savings in a paragraph […]

The Benefits of Raw, Unpasturized Honey

  I was interested to learn a little bit more about raw, unpasturized honey and how I could benefit from adding to my diet. So I did a little research online and found out it is a lot more useful than I knew. Not only a food, raw honey can be used medicinally in a […]

Nice Rack

I love herbs and spices so much. My spice cupboard was filled with a jumble of bottles, tins, shakers and cellophane packets. But, I was missing out on a lot of delicious seasoning, and double-buying spices, because I couldn’t find anything in the mess. And then I got The Big Idea. What if I combined […]

Cooking with a Camera: Pork and Apple Skewers

This is what happens when I have thawed three pork chops for dinner and I just can not face another boring pork-chop-and-potato meal. I make up a recipe using stuff I have around the house. I had a small gala apple, half a red bell pepper and half a purple onion. Look around your kitchen […]

When Life Gives You Cabbage

Have you ever gone to the store planning to buy a head of lettuce only to accidentally return home with a cabbage instead? There it sits on the counter, staring back at you. Daring you to figure out what to do with it. Of course there is the old stand by: cole slaw. But it’s […]

Bachelor Chow

You may remember Bachelor Chow; a fictitious product made famous on Futurama. It sprang to mind when I was trying to come up with a house warming gift idea for a friend who recently moved to a new apartment. I madeĀ  my own version of Bachelor chow for him, and it is actually quite delicious. […]