Veritas is the Latin word for truth. I love the authenticity of handmade and artistic items and I appreciate the time and talent that artists and crafters put into each creation. I am a passionate graphic designer and crafter and I love to create beautiful and fun things.

Creativity can be expressed in so many wonderful ways, and I hope to investigate as many of them as I can while writing this blog. From cooking, to graphic design, photography to scrapbooking and beyond. I want to think about, and talk about, ways to be creative and artistic in my every day life. I want to let a bit of beauty in. I want to challenge myself and find more inspiration all around me. I also want to share and communicate with fellow artist and crafters. It’s time to get to the Truth in Crafting.

When I am not crafting for myself or making items for my Etsy store, I am a graphic designer who also develops iTunes apps. Thanks for visiting. It’s a pleasure to meet you!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m “researching” for a post on WoW crafts. I am mostly interested in faction symbols, but I found your jewelry through your Etsy store and love your representation of cities/zones/races, which couldn’t be more spot-on with your brilliant use of color! May I have your permission to share some of your images and your store in my post? I am not really a crafter msyelf, so any details you could include that my untrained eye cannot see would be much appreciated!

    • I would be happy to have you use any images or text from my store in your post. Next week I will be listing several other zones, including Thunder Bluff and Mulgore, Felwood, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands, and more.

      Thanks so much for your interest. My email address is amy [at] createtruth [dot] com if you need any other info.

  2. Hello There! I stumbled onto your blog through Etsy and am very much enjoying looking at your pieces. I will definately be purchasing a couple.

    Making jewelry to the WoW theme is genious. I make jewelry myself and which I had thought of it! I main a tauren priest, I would love to see your interpretation of a priest class in jewelry form. I think I’ll might have to take a crack at making something like that for myself!


    • Hi Kate, I love a fun jewelry design challenge; send me a screen shot of your Tauren Priest and I will design something for ya! My email address is amy [at] createtruth [dot] com

      • Got my earrings in today (I got the thousand needles and darnassus pairs) I love them! Sending you a screen shot. luckily I already have one on my machine that I took to submit to the transmog gallery XD

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