Hot and Ready Rotisserie Chicken: $6.99 Well Spent

rotisserie-chicken-for-webWe were at Sprouts Farmers Market this week buying fruits and veggies to start my adventures in juicing. It was late and I was getting tired. So when my husband suggested getting a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the deli for dinner, I was all for it.

At home I quickly stir fried some sweet peas, green onions and carrots, and microwaved some black beans with feta cheese for side dishes. Adding a breast and thigh from the chicken, the entire dinner took less than 15 minutes to prepare.

The next day we decided a tasty and quick lunch after our workout would be to reheat the chicken and add packaged rice or noodles and veggies. Two more meals with a 6 minute total prep time.

With both breasts and thighs gone, I decided to use the rest of the chicken for soup. I boiled it to create a broth, strained, cooled and de-boned the rest of the chicken, adding it back to the broth, some extra water, parsley, carrots, celery, onion and elbow macaroni. The whole process took a total of 30 minutes of active work in the kitchen. I had a cup of soup for lunch and prepped 8 additional servings for the refrigerator and freezer for later.

Thirteen meals made in under and hour of combined prep time. All made with a single $6.99 rotisserie chicken combined with sides made from items I had on hand at home that cost under 5 dollars. Each meal averages under a dollar a piece. Now that is $6.99 well spent.



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