My Monthly Grocery Shopping List

MonthlyShoppingList_003This week I shared my experience in frugal living with a post on how to save money by grocery shopping once a month. That post had a link to the meal planner form that I use each month. To follow up on the planning I do, I thought it might be helpful to link to the grocery list that I use in conjunction with the meal planner.

I save a lot of money by buying once a month and the key is buying in bulk. I also cook in large batches (spaghetti sauce, chili, burritos) and I freezing many items each month. This grocery list allows me to plan an accurate budget by pricing out each item and extending the cost for multiples of each item. Because it is a digital form that can be filled out on my computer or tablet, I can re-work my numbers over and over until I get to the desired monthly total I want.

Here is a free download of my MonthlyGroceryList


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