Make a Bee Watering Station


I recently emptied my pool for the winter and wanted to provide an alternative water source for the bees in my backyard. I want them to stick around and be happy here, so that my vegetable garden will get lots of bee love in the Spring.  I originally got the idea for this from The Walden Effect homesteading blog. They used a large pan filled with glass marbles. My version is a bit more rustic; just a couple of small pans and and a few rocks. You can use anything you like in yours.

Start with a pan or container of some kind, rinsed off rocks or any other objects you like, water and honey or sugar.


You can add honey or sugar sweetened water to the pan to make it easier for the bees to dehydrate the liquid into honey in the cool weather. Or you can use plain water. Add rocks so the bees have something to land on and not drown. Place in your garden or anywhere you want the bees to visit.


That’s it! Happy Gardening!




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