All Natural Room Deoderizer

air freshenerThis do-it-yourself recipe will make your entire house smell great. And best of all, it is non-toxic, and inexpensive. Cut up a lemon and use about a quarter of the lemon slices in a small pot, with water, vanilla extract, and a sprig of rosemary. Turn the heat on as low as possible and let it simmer all day. Remember to check the pot throughout the day, and add water as the water level evaporates.

I suggest getting Artificial Vanilla Extract from your local Dollar Store, to make this on a budget. It smells just as good as the more expensive pure vanilla extract. One lemon will make 4 pots of this wonderful smelling brew. I use it any time I have company coming over, or whenever I want to lift my spirits. A big thank you to Morgan Moore at One More Moore for this recipe.


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