Gardening with Heirloom Seeds

I am very excited to start gardening with heirloom seeds this spring. I found an amazing store on Etsy that sells everything I have been looking for and some things I didn’t even know I needed until I wandered through the shop. Chandra Hartman runs MoonlightMicroFarms on Etsy.

seed packets heirloom seeds gardening

Photo Copyright Chandra Hartman and MoonlightMicroFarming, used with permission.

My first purchase will most likely be 20 packets of heirloom seeds with free shipping or $45.00. So it is time to clear some more space in the yard and prep the soil in anticipation of their arrival.

I am not sure what 20 seeds I will get yet; I am still in the planning stage. But I do know I will get two varieties of carrots that are not too long to grow in my shallow soil. I am also excited about getting cut-and-come-again varieties of lettuce. So far I have only ever grown heads of lettuce.

borage starflower companion planting attracts bees gardening

Oh, and borage is high on my list. I will plant it as a companion to tomatoes, peppers and anything else tomato worms love to eat. Apparently borage (or starflower) confuses the moths that lay those eggs! It also attracts bees and butterflies as an added bonus.


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