World of Warcraft Inspired Earrings: Stranglethorn Vale – Gurubashi Arena

In my series of jewelry inspired by World of Warcraft, a role playing game, I could not pass up one of my favorite locales in the game: Stranglethorn Vale (or STV for short.) Back in Vanilla WoW it was one of those places where you wanted to quest but you were not really sure you would survive alone. The Hunter and the Skinner/Leatherworker found a little corner of Nirvana here.

The rope bridge creaks and sways under the combined weight of you and your mount, as you ride out over the lush jungle setting. Suddenly you hear a voice call out, “Arrr, Me Hearties! I be havin’ some extra Treasure that I be givin’ away at the Gurubashi Arena! All ye need do to collect it is open the chest I leave on the arena floor!” Sounds easy enough, right?

But when you arrive at the Gurubashi Arena, you find that every hopeful gladiator, wild troll, pirate and cut throat in Stranglethorn Vale has shown up to claim the bounty. Do you dare enter the fray and fight for the treasure, or wait for the dust to settle and buy the earrings that caught your eye from the victor who is willing to trade for a bit of gold?

If you like these earrings, feel free to browse my store to see more in my series World of Warcraft inspired jewelry. Right now I have over 30 pieces of game inspired jewelry in my Etsy shop. I am designing and creating more each week.

These Stranglethorn Vale Earrings measure approximately 2.25 inches in length. I hand-make each pair of earrings when as they are ordered.  I always wrap each pair in a silver organza drawstring bag, with a game-themed tag with either the World of Warcraft logo (default) Horde or Alliance symbol.

The images of Stranglethorn Vale are screenshots taken by me on my adventures in Azeroth and beyond. To learn more about WoW, or the region of Stranglethorn Vale, please visit The World of Warcraft, Horde and Alliance logos used on my tags are copyright Blizzard, Inc. This is fan art; I am not employed by, or associated with, Blizzard.


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