World of Warcraft Inspired Earrings: Thousand Needles

I have created a series of jewelry inspired by World of Warcraft, a role playing game. These earrings are made from dyed fresh water pearls and labradorite chips, and were inspired by a zone in the game called Thousand Needles.


What has become of Thousand Needles after the great sundering you ask? Well, the Great Lift has been destroyed, and the Grimtotem have taken over Freewind Post. Oh yeah, and you’d better find a boat if you are headed to Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge. The Cataclysm has flooded once dry ravines and gulches, and the buttes are all but submerged in the on rushing waters that empty out into the giant lake that was once the Shimmering Flats. RIP Steelsnap.







If you like these earrings, feel free to browse my store to see more in my series World of Warcraft inspired jewelry. Right now I have nearly  50 pieces of game inspired jewelry in my shop. I am designing and creating more each week.

These Thousand Needles earrings measure 2 inches in length. I hand-make each pair of earrings when as they are ordered. The labradorite chips and dyed freshwater pearls vary slightly on each pair. Each bead is unique. I always wrap each pair in a silver organza drawstring bag, with a game-themed tag with either the World of Warcraft logo (default) Horde or Alliance symbol.


The images of Thousand Needles are screenshots taken by me on my adventures in Azeroth and beyond. To learn more about WoW, or Thousand Needles please visit The World of Warcraft, Horde and Alliance logos used on my tags are copyright Blizzard, Inc. This is fan art; I am not employed by, or associated with, Blizzard.


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