Decorative Boxes become Shelves

I have displayed these decorative boxes on a shelf in my kitchen for years. I love coffee, and I love these boxes. But, I decided that they needed to move so I could use that shelf for another purpose. I had to figure out how to keep these boxes in my kitchen and make them more useful while moving them up off of the counters.

Wall mounting them seemed like the best solution! It keeps them off the counters, they are deep enough to become narrow shelves, they open up to provide hidden storage. WIN-WIN-WIN.

Besides the boxes themselves, this project required a ruler, drill, and long wood screws with broad flat heads

First, I measured my wall. In this case, a narrow area in the doorway leading to the kitchen…

I measured BOTH directions. I measured from the ceiling down in two places for each box, so I knew my shelves would be straight.

I marked light x’s with pencil where I wanted meant to drill in the wood screws. Then I measured the boxes themselves. I measured all three boxes for width and depth.

On the back of each box I used a 1/2″ drill bit to drill two holes. Both were an inch and a half from the top edge, and about an inch and a half in from each side.

Here’s an exciting action shot!

The reason for the 1/2″ drill bit was to make a hole slightly larger than the screw heads.

Finally, I drilled two screws for each box, side by side into my wall. I left an inch or so sticking out, so that the shelves would slide onto the screws and hang from them.

Here is an interior shot of one of the hung boxes. They can be lifted up and taken off the wall very easily.

Here is the completed wall.


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