What Motivates You?

This amazing animated video is so interesting. The information is presented in such a unique way. I found that I could not look away form the animation on screen. And it perfectly illustrated the  message; the surprising truth about what motivates people.



3 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

  1. Wow! That’s pretty interesting. At first I thought it was counter-intuitive, but then I realized that I often work the hardest when the rewards are things like helping other people and feeling good about it (say, like this weekend when I spent many hours moving heavy furniture, putting stuff in boxes, etc.) or in my last substitute job where I was working for not a lot, but working to help kids do better in school and not have such difficult lives. The “real” rewards are so much less tangible than financial gain. I felt GOOD about what I was doing.

    Likewise, I will work my ASS off in my martial arts classes (where I actually pay money to go) in order to improve my skill and get better at martial arts. Last night’s class was a big example; after pushing myself for an hour and a half (and getting significantly sweaty and sore in the process), I left class feeling GREAT, knowing that I was getting closer to mastering a really difficult skill/concept.

    So maybe it isn’t quite so counter-intuitive, and that people who only think that money is a good motivator should get their heads out of their pocketbooks (and give me all of their money…har har) and figure out what really makes people happy at work.

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