Nice Rack

I love herbs and spices so much. My spice cupboard was filled with a jumble of bottles, tins, shakers and cellophane packets. But, I was missing out on a lot of delicious seasoning, and double-buying spices, because I couldn’t find anything in the mess.

And then I got The Big Idea. What if I combined my spices, some magnetic knife strips, and those two dozen windowed wedding favor tins that were just sitting there in my craft supplies?


I ordered my magnetic knife strips online, but if (unlike me) you are occasionally motivated to do stuff away from the computer, you can also buy them in person at any retail kitchen store. The rack pictured below is available at The Container Store.

Square windowed tins are available online and in craft stores. I found these in a fellow Etsian’s shop; TwelveLittleHands

I installed five magnetic strips (yep, five. I told you I love spices.) on a narrow wall leading out of the kitchen. Turning unused wall space into storage is awesome.


When I filled the tins I made sure the spices were in alphabetical order so I could easily find what I needed. Rosemary…Saffron…Sage…

And I printed name labels for the back of each tin, so I could tell similar-looking spices apart. Paprika just doesn’t quite give the same effect as chili powder.

Now I get compliments on my rack all the time, and who doesn’t like that?





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