Cooking with a Camera: Pork and Apple Skewers

This is what happens when I have thawed three pork chops for dinner and I just can not face another boring pork-chop-and-potato meal. I make up a recipe using stuff I have around the house.

I had a small gala apple, half a red bell pepper and half a purple onion. Look around your kitchen and see if you can locate these items. If not, you can either run to the store, or do what I do and substitute random ingredients that sound yummy.

You will also need three pork chops, a mango, and some jasmine rice (or whatever kind of rice you like.) Start by making a cup or two of rice in your rice cooker or on the stove top. And let it cook while you do all the rest of these steps.

No time to make marinade sauce from scratch? No worries! I love to use this Cuban garlic lime sauce straight from the bottle. This may seem like laziness on my part, until you consider the countless hours I have put into bottled sauce research to find this really yummy one for you!

Cut the pork chops into small cubes and remove the bone and as much fat as you can in the process. Slosh on the marinade sauce and set aside in the refrigerator.

Now grab a paring knife and get chopping. Onions, apple and pepper; all in skewer-sized bits. When you are done, peel and slice your mango and set aside those pieces for garnish.

Time to construct your kebabs. Interchange the meat, fruit and veggies on (pre-soaked) bamboo, or metal skewers. I got a 6-kebab yield from 3 pork chops.

Then it’s time for grilling. If it’s a nice day, get outside and fire up your barbeque. In my case it was a cold night so I chose to use my favorite (well-used and much-loved) grill pan.

Cook thoroughly on both sides. The time will vary based on your cooking method.

Lastly, plate a scoop of rice, two skewers, and a serving of mango. This recipe serves three. Enjoy!


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