Coins for Charon

I recently got fed up with not having ear wires that matched the wire I was stringing my beads on. I like to use a lot of bronze, brass and gunmetal wire, but the ear wires commonly available at the craft stores are silver and gold with the occasional copper thrown in.

so I decided to make my own ear wires and jump rings out of a coil of 18 gauge wire from Michael’s craft store. You can also use 20 gauge wire, but I would not go with anything heavier than 18 or thinner than 20 gauge.

For two earrings (one pair) I cut two pieces of wire at 2 inches and two pieces at 1 inch.

The one inch pieces I made into figure 8, or infinity symbol jump rings, like this…

The two inch pieces I made into simple ear wires, like this…

Then I got out my other beads to make the earrings. In this case I chose two light hammered and embossed brass discs.

Once the earrings were made, I decided I wanted to keep them, and make a second pair to put in my Etsy Shop. And it occurred to me that I could add a bead to the jump ring before I closed the figure 8 on the second side.

The final step was to put the hammered discs together on the jump rings.

And Viola! These beauties were ready for sale. They are so light, they weigh almost nothing. I can not even tell I am wearing mine!

I named these Coins for Charon because Charon is the ferryman of the dead in Greek mythology and you must pay him a coin to row you across the river Styx in the underworld, where hopefully your final destination is the Elysian Fields! Without this coin, spirits were left to wander the shores of the Styx for one hundred years. Don’t let that happen to you; make a pair of these earrings without delay!


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