Save the Earth with every sip

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but these cute Coffee Cup Quilt Cozies are for Earth Day and every day. Instead of reaching for a cardboard cup sleeve, on your next visit to the coffee shop, bring one of these with you. They keep your hot drinks warmer longer, your cold drinks colder, and protect your hands from those hot cups. And even better, they can be made out of those fabric scraps we all have lying around (or is that just me?) Here’s how.

The materials you will need are: fabric, elastic string, a button and fusible fleece. You will also need a sewing machine, pins, an iron, thread and a needle.

First, create a pattern. I used a cardboard sleeve from a local coffee shop. I cut one pattern piece larger than the other. The smaller pattern is for the fleece, the larger pattern is for the two pieces of fabric.

Always wash and dry your fabric so that it is pre-shrunk. Iron your fabric, and with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, cut out your shapes.

Then cut out the smaller version of the pattern in a single layer of fusible fleece.

Iron the fusible fleece to one side of your fabric.

Pin the elastic string INSIDE the shape with both edges hanging off the shape so they will be sewn across when stitching the layers together.

Pin all three layers together and stitch around the shape, leaving an opening large enough to flip the cozy inside out through. Clip corners and turn right side out. Poke the corners to make sure it is completely turned, and then iron.

Top stitch around entire shape, ensuring that the hole is stitched shut and the cup cozy is nice and flat.

Then hand-sew a button on. Determine the placement of the button by testing the cup cozy on a cup. Make sure it is tight enough not to fall off.

It’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gifts, and these make perfect stocking stuffers! So start sewing, or you can pick one up in my Etsy store.


2 thoughts on “Save the Earth with every sip

  1. I hate those cardboard thingies. Sooo wasteful! This is a great idea. You could throw this in the glove compartment with the compact reusable shopping bag, so it’s always handy.

    Hey, maybe a resuable shopping bag should be your next sew project…

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