Blooming Wire Rose Garden

Floral wire has many uses beyond traditional flower arranging. How about creating flowers out of wire? These wire roses are perfect for holding photos, or table numbers at a reception, or notes and shopping lists.

You can use any containers you want, I chose these mini watering cans. The other materials needed for this project are floral foam, moss, and floral wire. I found this awesome aluminum floral/craft wire at the dollar store. It is a thick gauge but soft and easy to manipulate. You will also need these tools: wire cutters, pliers, glue gun, and a knife. Throw in some Easter or Springtime decorations if you like to theme these for a party.

With a knife, Xacto or box cutter, cut the floral foam to fit the container, using the shavings to fill in any open spaces or gaps.

Lay down a layer of hot glue or white glue on the foam and place the moss on top, completely covering the foam.

Next, set aside the container and work with the floral wire. You will use approximately 10 inches per flower. The length will vary, as you make flowers of differing heights. Make the bloom before cutting wire from the roll.

Use pliers to wrap the wire into a spiral rose. Leave extra wire for the stem. Cut  the wire, and then bend the end up and through the bloom, twisting it down and straightening the stem back out.

Make several roses in various sizes and heights so your garden has some variety. You can experiment with different colors and shapes as well.

Push the stems through the moss and into the floral foam to create your bouquets. You can even add Easter decoration or any themed decor. I chose these adorable chicks in pretty Easter bonnets. They are Handcrafted cupcake toppers from PartyPopPop on



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