Bring on the Birds

It’s Spring! Time to clean off the patio and spruce up the yard. Actually, that sounds like a lot of work. How about a Spring craft that takes fewer than 10 minutes to make instead?

Bring the birds to your yard, patio or balcony this Spring by making a bird feeder out of an empty soda bottle. It’s fast and easy. Start by gathering together your materials. You might have most of these items around the house: one or more two liter beverage bottles (or any other clear plastic bottles of an appropriate size.) Scissors or craft knife, a small wooden dowel, and a bit of wire. Oh and don’t forget the bird seed!

When you remove the label from a soda bottle, there will be one patch that will not come off, because of the adhesive. Cut away the remaining label when you cut your bird feeder opening. DO make sure you cut your hole large enough for the birds to get in but DON’T cut it so low that the seed slides right out.

Below the opening cut an X in the plastic and push the dowel through. Cut an X in the other side and push the dowel through again.

Once the dowel is through, cut it at the size you would like, leaving a perch on both sides.

Fill the feeder with bird seed through the large hole. I bought a bag of Kaytee Wild Finch Blend, but any brand is fine.

Cut about 10 inches of any kind of wire to make a hanging loop.

Wrap the wire tightly around the neck under the lid. Then screw the lid down to hold it securely in place. Twist the ends into a loop to form a hanger.

That’s it, your bird feeder is complete. One last note about hanging it. Find a location that is not over furniture or your lawn to hang the feeder, so you are not cleaning up bird droppings from your patio chairs or finding odd plants growing in your lawn from seeds that have dropped. Over cement or brick works best.


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