A hanging lantern from an old jar

Ready to repurpose those old spaghetti sauce, jam or canning jars? Save them up and make a set of outdoor hanging lanterns with them!

All you need are a few old jars, a floating candle, and some wire! I decided to get crafty and add some glass beads, to turn my night time lanterns into day time sun catchers into the bargain. That step is totally optional, but I have included photos of the process in case you want to add them too.

I tried two methods of making lanterns. One with jewelry beading wire (20 gauge) and another with heavier floral wire and jewelry making chain. You can use any wire and/or chain you have around the house, as long as it will support the weight of the lantern.

First, wrap the wire around the neck of the jar. Make it nice and tight, and wrap it a couple of times for good measure. Give it a good tug to make sure it is attached well. You do not want your lantern to slip out!

Leave a little extra wire to create a loop on each side of the jar to attach a handle. I used the same wire to create some glass bead sun catchers. I just twisted the wires in i spiral and put a loop on each end to attach them with.

You can make the handle out of more of  the same wire.

Or you can attach a chain handle. (I think a chain might be more successful in the wind.) Then fill the jar half way with water and drop a floating candle in. That’s it, you are done! When you are not using the candle, remove it and the water and dry the jar out. Oh, and don’t forget to keep the lid to keep backyard debris out.


2 thoughts on “A hanging lantern from an old jar

  1. Another very clever idea! I bet the night-time flicker of light from the candle will make the glass beads shimmer a bit, too.

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