Got Wood? Make an organizer from salvaged blocks

Let’s create a recycled wood block home or office organizer. If you have a drill (or can borrow one) you can do this project.

My father made art from salvaged wooden blocks. I was looking for a way to repurpose his art and make it more useful than the dusty display my dining room currently featured.

Once again, I turned to Etsy for inspiration and found this shop and their beautiful wooden home and office organizers. And while I do not claim to have any wood working skills, I do have a drill! Luckily, I did not want to refinish my wood blocks. So, no sanding or staining was required.

First, measure and mark your holes for drilling. This is important because, once you have drilled a hole you can’t un-drill it.

Once you are satisfied, take the plunge and drill it. Use a drill bit that is slightly wider that the item you intend to hold. Make a line on the drill bit with a black marker at the depth you want your hole. That way  you can drill all your holes the same depth if you desire.

And viola! You are finished. This project took 5 minutes and cost $0. And the result is an organizer I use every morning and which reminds me of my dad into the bargain. win-win.


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