Bachelor Chow

You may remember Bachelor Chow; a fictitious product made famous on Futurama. It sprang to mind when I was trying to come up with a house warming gift idea for a friend who recently moved to a new apartment. I made  my own version of Bachelor chow for him, and it is actually quite delicious.

This oatmeal mixture makes a quick and hearty breakfast. Easily made by any bachelor in the microwave or with boiling water from the tea kettle. Lots of taste without a lot of dishes to wash. What’s not to love?

I like to make up batches in bulk and store portions in canning jars or plastic storage containers. In the case of gifting, an acrylic canister set works well. Make sure that whatever storage you choose is air tight so that moisture can not get in, mix with the brown sugar, and turn it into a hardened mess.

Assemble the ingredients, starting with a 42 ounce package of rolled oats or quick oats. I added 8 oz. walnuts, 12 oz raisins, 2.5 oz roasted almonds, and 1 cup of light brown sugar. You can get creative and add whatever you like. Other popular options are dates, dried blueberries, golden raisins, dried cranberries or currants.

Dump the oats into a large bowl, re-chop the chopped walnuts more finely and add them, then chop the almonds and add them. Add the raisins, taking time to sift through and separate them if they are clumped together. Finally, add a cup of light brown sugar and stir well.

Simply spoon the mixture into containers and you’re done. How easy was that?

Now at this point I would usually suggest all sorts of bows, ribbons, coordinating gift tags, maybe even a whole themed gift basket idea. But let’s face it, it’s Bachelor Chow folks. Consider your audience and tailor the gift presentation to fit.


One thought on “Bachelor Chow

  1. Oh Wow! This is such an awesome idea. My grandson, who doesn’t like plain oatmeal, but prefers maple flavor with brown sugar would LOVE this. Thanks for your super post!

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